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We are a specialist software development company based in the UK delivering out of the box software solutions for the energy industry alongside bespoke application development and energy consultancy. Our mission is to develop SAP and RdSAP engines that are available for use across the Energy industry, and to allow any company who has a need to calculate energy ratings access to that engine.

Our Core Products


iQ-Engine is a fully accredited calculation engine released in line with the goverment schedule for both SAP and RdSAP.

Our ACE10 product is a Government-approved calculation solution for the generation of energy performance calculations for both SAP for domestic dwellings (SAP 10.2). Click here for BRE list of approved SAP software and RdSAP Click here for BRE list of approved RdSAP software

ACE 10 is fully approved to provide compliance and EPC calculations for England, Scotland, and Wales. ACE 10 is also being currently upgraded for calculation of RdSAP assessments during 2023 and we are one of the companies that provide consulatancy and guidance on the future of SAP and RdSAP.


We took the EPC Open communities data and reverse engineered into a standard format that can be input into our approved calculation engine, we then ran this data through the latest version of the calculation engine to give a standardised dataset, so that all the results use the same methodology and approved calculation engine. The OED api allows you access to this dataset.


SNUG sits on top of OED and uses the standardised dataset as it's reference data. it's an api that connects to your website and provides you with a consumer friendly energy look up server. The user simply enters their postcode and the software, looks up the recalculated EPC data from OED. If there is no EPC for that property it will look up a neighbouring property using a geo spatial search and provide the details back to the user, so the user always gets a result on their screen.

Common Questions

What is the difference between SAP and RdSAP ?

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) and RdSAP (Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure) are both assessment methods used in the United Kingdom to evaluate the energy performance of residential properties. However, there are key differences between the two:

1) Scope and Purpose:

SAP: SAP is primarily used for new dwellings and major renovations. It assesses the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the entire building. RdSAP: RdSAP is designed for existing dwellings and is commonly used for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) when selling or renting a property. It focuses on assessing the energy performance of individual dwellings rather than the entire building.

2) Level of Detail:

SAP: SAP requires more detailed information and data inputs about the construction, heating systems, ventilation, and renewable energy sources of the dwelling. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the building's energy efficiency. RdSAP: RdSAP uses a simplified methodology and requires reduced data inputs compared to SAP. It provides a less detailed but still accurate assessment of the energy performance of existing dwellings.

3) Outputs:

SAP: SAP generates an energy rating (SAP Rating) and an Environmental Impact rating (EI Rating) for the dwelling. These ratings provide a standardized benchmark for comparing energy efficiency and environmental performance. RdSAP: RdSAP also provides an energy rating (Energy Efficiency Rating) for the dwelling. This rating is displayed on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and indicates the energy efficiency of the property.

4) Applications:

SAP: SAP is primarily used for compliance with building regulations, new construction projects, and major renovations. It helps designers, developers, and policymakers optimize the energy performance of buildings and meet sustainability targets. RdSAP: RdSAP is used for assessing the energy performance of existing dwellings when selling, renting, or providing energy efficiency advice to homeowners. It helps homeowners and potential buyers/renters understand the energy efficiency of a property.

In summary, SAP focuses on new dwellings and major renovations, providing a detailed analysis of the entire building's energy performance, while RdSAP is tailored for existing dwellings, providing a simplified assessment of individual properties for EPC purposes.

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